Help needed to set up DNS server on Windows 2000 Server


I am only able to have 1 IP address from my ISP (Vodafone Iceland would charge for the second one $41 to set up, and then monthly $11.50 - No Way!)

They also refuse to add my domain to their DNS server in my current package. I am therefore forced to have my own DNS server; right? (Please do correct me, as I haven't done any of this before...). Obviously, the problem is that I only have one IP address. I have heared roumers, that I could link my current IP address to the primary nameserver name, and have the secondary one from a third party (no idea where from.... some host providers? some free tools?!?). Maybe something equivalent to the dynamic-IP services for all the dialup customers hosting ftp and http stuff themselves...

Could someone give me clear step-by-step instructions, if indeed I'm barking up the right tree....

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luv2smileConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you running active directory?

If so then you don't want your ISP to add your domain to their DNS NEED to have your own DNS server anyway if this is a windows server environment with directory relies heavily on internal DNS and requires that you have a DNS server. So your ISP is very correct that you need your own DNS....AD won't work correctly without it.

Your windows server needs to be your internal DNS server...this is very simple to setup. All your clients would then point to your internal DNS server.

Here are very good instructions that should walk you through it:

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