Out of office assistant without getting into email

Is it possible to set the out of office reply on a users email without getting into the users email? It is very easy to reset the user’s password and set it up that way but can it be done another way. I have a user with company sensitive data in her email and I do not want anyone to access it. This will also make it easy when a user is sick to put on the out of office assistant on with out changing any passwords. I can not see a way to do this through active directory or using th system manager.
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Setting out of office can only be achieved from outlook, and then only then on the primary profile.

Im sorry there is no other way to do this.

How about getting the employee's manager to do this??


If you are an enterprise admin and part of the exchange admins group you could use OWA and use the web interface to access the Out of Office Assistant. Therefore no need to paly with Outlook profiles etc.

Just add the users email address or username to the URL you use for OWA - eg http://owa.mycompany.com/exchange/johndoe

You will of course have access to the mailbox but it's cheaper than Symprex Out-of-Office Manager - although this is the perfect solution!

You pays your money and you takes your choice!
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i am glad u found a solution but iam also  curious....as to how  u set OOF without getting in to users outtlook...
UnifiedITAuthor Commented:
Because I could not do this by using active directory or using the system manager on exchange I reset the password, logged on, and set the out of office assistant. This appears to be the only way without purchasing the software that you described.
thank u UNIFiedIT....for folks who will visit this question later...the answer to ur
question is no..no matter how u hold the egg...u need a third party tool to achieve
ur objective if u do not want to log on to the mailbox(MAPI OR OWA) and see sensitive
information or write the program urself...
take care and good luck...
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