What do I need to watch for..

Well Wanna start off by thanking you all... We are going live with this server this weekend.

Server 2003  Single Server as PDS
All clients are XP PRO with SP2

A.)  is there a check list I should run through before I go live to make sure it's ready?

B.)There is a log system in here.  What should I be looking for....for poblems?

C.) This is the main one here....  What tools should I run once  it is live to check for problems... like system load...usage etc.

Thanks for your help of the last few weeks all!!
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bmquintasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
administrative tools->performance

the default config has 3 counters related to RAM,CPU and Hard Drive, but you can adapt it to fit your needs, what you should monitor will depend on the roles of the server, if the main role is file server than you should pay more attention to the hard drive counters.
bmquintasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The instalation of a windows2003 as PDC is pretty ongoing, you should pay special attention to the dns settings, the DNS server of a PDC is itself! You may find some errors after the AD install that are pretty common but no worries about that.
You just need to start the process with "dcpromo" from the run menu, configure the dns service (the install process will warn if it couldn't find a dns server and prompt you , if you want to configure it).

If you want your clients to access internet you should configure "forwarders" in the dns service (this can be done after the AD install)

There's also a feature for analizing system performance, but untill you have the domain ready and join some clients you may not get interesting info.

Keep posting.
mrchaos101Author Commented:
I have the domain set up and beta computers on it.

All seem ok so far... but was jut lookign for other things i may have over looked...

The netwrok monitoring tool is the thing I wanna know about the most.   How to use it... what it means and waht I should watch for.
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