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i have a cronjob that runs  rahul.pl

rahul.pl contains

$string .= "\nTesting\n";
#$string =~ s/\n/\\\n/g;
#$string =~ s/'/'"'"'/g;
system "ssh", "out1", "/u/rshah1/temp.pl", "'$string'";

it does not works it does not login to out1 machine

however if i run rahul.pl manually from command prompt it works fine. i have set up sshkeygen

2 Solutions
shahrahulbAuthor Commented:
ssh is not working thru cronjob
There are a variety of differences between the environment a process sees when it is run from the command line and the environment it sees if it is executed as a cron job.

The first question I'd have to ask is whether the cron job is running on your behalf. The ssh keys are user-specific.
I;d probably also code the entire path to the ssh command in your system(). As jmcg has explained, PATH is one environment variable which is not available when a script is run thru cron

system "/absolute/path/to/ssh", "out1", "/u/rshah1/temp.pl", "'$string'";
Make sure that your pl has the approriate attributes. chmod it to 755 or else the cronjob wont't have authority to execute it.

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