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keep dropdown list items when postback...tricky part--items added through client side!

Hello everyone.  I have a server dropdown list in asp.net page.  I added the items dynamically through client side code.  If I want to keep the values during postback...how would I be able to do that? Thanks.
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I'm going out on a limb and assuming you're using ASP.NET.

If you are, you would add the following to your page load sub:

 If Not IsPostBack Then
  End If

I made a subroutine to bind the data to my ddl, and just call it through that.  

Basically, you just want to put your binding code inside the "If not IsPostBack" statement.
thiennhienAuthor Commented:
The data cannot be binded because I am using client side code (Javascript) to add the items dynamically. Thanks anyway.
Well, it really doesn't matter what you are using to get the data there.  As long as you call within that if statement

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