Joining a new laptop to the Domain

We have a new remote user overseas .I have created his account on the Domain . I have created his VPN connection - what is the best way to join his laptop onto a domain.  The laptop is using XP PRO but on the login screen I don't see the checkbox option of using Dialup to logon - do you know why this is?

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I thought I just did...

This checkbox will only show up if there are dial-up connections present - do you have any?

Let me know.
You need to first create a dial-up connection before the option is there.

1)  Create a dial-up connectoid to connect to an ISP or call the server directly.
2)  Create a second dial-up connectoid for the VPN.

At first, you will need to log in locally as the Administrator.  Create the appropriate connection objects, then connect to the VPN endpoint.  Join the domain.  On next reboot you will need to either log in locally and dial-up manually or select the VPN dial-up to use as "Connect using Dial-up connection" - make certain in the VPN connectoid that you specify it needs to use the other connection to dial in first.

asharaiAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the above . I will try it , however I have another minor problem and that is this particular REMOTE USER does not seem to have the checkbox for using Dialup connection on the login screen - would you be able to tell me how to resolve this . The Laptop is using XP PRO .

Many Thanks
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