Multiple sends and receives for same account - Outlook XP (2002?)

For some reason the computer is making multiple sends and receives for the same accounts.  For example when checking mail the deails show the computer making about three connectoins to the smtp and pop3 server for email account A, and then 3 more smtp and pop3 connections for email account b.  why would it be doing this?  how can i fix the problem?
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travalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First go to TOOLS->EMAIL ACCOUNTS->VIEW OR CHANGE EXISTING EMAIL ACCOUNTS and verify that there aren't multiple email accounts configured for the same address.

Next go to TOOLS->SEND/RECEIVE->SEND/RECEIVE SETTINGS->DEFINE SEND/RECEIVE GROUPS and verify you haven't configured multiple send/receive groups with the same account.  Normally if you just have one account, you should only have one send/receive group, called ALL ACCOUNTS normally.
meatdog8Author Commented:
thank you for your help... i think when the computer was rebooted it fixed the problem... thank you for the help though...
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