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Hello experts, I am trying to join the Domain of my company. When I do this I get an error that says "You must change your password when logging on for the first time."

How do I do this.

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Your administrator has set the attribute on your account to Password Must be changed after first login.  You need to login to the domain on a PC that is already part of the domain, change your password when prompted, and then go back and try to rejoin your machine to the domain.

If you are not a member of your companies IT department, you should really ask them to do it for you.

it should allow you to create a new pass right when logging on...  if not, once logged in click control-alt-del at same time, then click the change password on the menu.
Then that means the computer in question is also not a member of the domain.  You can join it to the domain using the administrator logon, or go to another machine and change the password.  If you are the domain administrator, you can just go into Active Directory users and computers and change the password on your user name, then uncheck the "user must change pass upon first logon"
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Ok, when you join the domain, change your password by (if you have WIndows 2000/xp), Ctrl+Alt+Delete, then select "Change Password", enter your old password then a newer password and then confirm the new password (enter it again).   You must follow any password guidelines that your Company's IT department has in place (Like passwords must be so long, or have numbers and letters, or have non alpha-numeric characters like !@#$%^&*()).   You also must be a domain admin to add a system to a Domain (AD).  If you don't have those rights, contact your IS/IT Department.

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