how to add a service? 500 pts!

hi there - can anyone give me a link or description of how to add a .exe as a windows service? - many thanks....
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Hi Pjordanna-

You can use srvany.exe  utility from NT resource kit to do that. Have a look at the following, although it only mentions NT, I believe it would work for 2000/XP/2003 as well.

How To Create a User-Defined Service:

Thanks and Good Luck!
.exe is a program (ie runs at the client level)
a service is something different alltogether.  If a computer has a running "service" then it is effectively a "server" since it is listening for a client to access that service.  IE a listening  daemon to use unix terms.

Programs are run by users, services are usually set to run at startup (IE nobody has to be logged on for them to run)

That being said, what exacly are you trying to accomplish???  what is your ultimate goad???
goad=goal in the above post,,, sorry for the typo
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There are numerous shareware utilities that would let you do that. I havent tried any other than one from NT resource kit. But, is one for example, they are shareware:

KaliKoder's tip and link to MS article is what you need.

You will use the "instsvr.exe" to install (and remove) the service, that is, to create the registry entries needed for the service.

To control (start/stop) the service you will use (althouhg you'll not see it) the "srvany.exe" that starts/stops the actual .exe which this way is being run as a windows service.

Follow the instructions on Microsoft's article and that's it, i've done that dozens of times and worked every time (if I just remebered to modify the registry manually _as_mentioned_on_the_article_ ... ;-)

Cheers and points go to KaliKoder!
Actually, instsrv.exe and srvany.exe for Server 2003 are here:
Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools
pjordannaAuthor Commented:
thanks guys great and comprehensive answer
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