How to use Wise InstallMaster 8.1?

I have a windows service application that I wrote in C++ and I want to make an installer app for the project.  I have a copy of Wise InstallMaster 8.1 but i have never used it.  Does anyone know of any resources or tutorials that could teach me how to use this software?

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AxterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Simple one:

1. Launch "Inno Setup Compiler"
2. Select "Create a new script file using the Script Wizard"
3. Click Next button
4. Follow the wizard along, which is pretty self explanitory.

If you get stuck, post a question.

Hi ptrennum,
I highly recommend that you use INNO instead.
INNO is very easy to setup, and it has good help documents.
Furthermore, the install program it creates looks very professional.
It's a free program, and you can download it from the following site:

David Maisonave :-)
ptrennumAuthor Commented:
Thanks - I downloaded it and installed it but still looking at a brand new app which I've never seen before.  Is there a tutorial any where that would walk me through creating a first project?

Hm, their KnowledgeBase isn't really too helpful: ("HOWTO: Creating Services")

BTW; from my experience, the best thing is to have the installer place the files on the target system and then call a DLL that does the necessary SCM calls for you.
I agree with jkr's last comment.

For the Service application that I created, I used CServiceHelper class which is pretty easy to use to install and uninstall a service.

I use the above code, as the program that gets executed by INNO during installation.
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