Windows2003 can't boot anymore (blue screen then reboot)

Someone shutdown my Win2003 Server with SQL database and ACCPAC server while in use 8-(

since then I have no way of booting in to that server....

what kind of senario am I looking at trying to make it work.

1 - Can I reinstall on top of it... or that might just cause more problems

I'm running all sorts of Scanndisk from a boot CD and most of them freeze while scanning

Nothing physically happend to the HD.... although it was shakeky for a while as rebooting would take more than 5 minutes...

I Nerver had time (2 weeks) to check this problem... but now ouch I have no choice....

Anyone with a bright Idea......   (this computer was built by a consultant a while back and he is nowhere to be found.... see the what I mean

Thanks guys let me know

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joedoe58Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I would not even try to install on a disk that start to have many sector errors. This because an installation will jog the disk so anything that is on the way to break will do either during install or shortly after. The only option I see is if you install a fresh copy on a fresh disk and then add your backup on top of the install.
Yes you can reinstall on top of old system, this will save some time since most likely it will save your settings. On the other hand if you suspect that you have a hardware problem you really should face it now and not after you spent all night to reinstall all software and then the disk says goodby for the last time. Do you not have backups?
Crs707Author Commented:

   I have a backup of my important data, the problem is more that there were somany software installed and sql programming and stuff, and since we cannot contact the consultant that made that machine initially.
So I just know that the machine will never be the same

now the question it... can I recover from a HD that has 229 Sector error on a windows2003 sbm  ntfs???

is it fixable.....

will reinstalling cause some problems?
If the hard drive is definately on its way out, you could 'ghost' it over to a new drive and the re-install 'over the top'.

Done this successfully many times on other o/s's and see no reason why it wouldn't work on 2003.
You can try, but if there are critical files missing you will only transfer your problem. Still I think it is worth a shot since if it works you will have saved youresef a lot of work, but if not you will loose some hours of sleep :-)
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