Can Not delete a partition on a compact flash card.

I have a bunch of 64 MB compact flash cards that have been split into two 32 MB partitions.  When I bring them up in disk management on Windows XP pro and right click on the parition the option to delete partition is grayed out.  I have tried this on several different machines.  When I put the card in my digital camera and reformat it I get the full 64 MB.  I would rather format them on my desktop because I currently have almost 200 of them and it is no practical to reformat them all on the digital camera.  I have spent a lot of time searching for a utility to do this and trying everything and anything the is remotely similar to my problem and have yet to figure out a way to do this from my PC.  Any help would be appreciated.
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Hi alapeter,

A compact flash card supposed to be considered as a storage drive when plugged on Windows OS. It would be treated as a disk drive i recon. Maybe you could try an external software other than Windows built in software..
Here is some software that you can try:
-. Partition Manager available at:
-. 7Tools Partition Manager 2005 available at:
-. Partition Magic, available at:

Have a try, should be working fine as a storage drive

Make sure you have such things as the recycle bin turned off for those drives you want to repartition (righlclick the recycly bin, then go to that drive and turn recycling off for that drive. Don't forget any 3rd party tools like norton, which add a second recycling folder to the same drive.
Have you tried Partition Magic (very important, use the latest version only)?
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I did this a while ago to satisfy my curiousity about the type of partition / format.

Since you're using XP, you probably don't want to be bothered booting on a DOS floppy.

Go to ControlPanel>admintools>diskmanager

Right click the drive. You should see an option to delete partition.

Try this link

Good Luck

alapeterAuthor Commented:
The partition is not formatted and it is on a compact flash card not a hard drive.  I have tried using disk manager in windows xp and it does not give me the option to delete the partition.
Glad to help you..  Thanks..  ^^
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