Where to find Microsoft .NET Application Test Center on VS.Net 2003 developer edition?

I know  Microsoft .NET Application Test Center comes with Enterprise edition  but VS at work is not enterprise ( i am not sure which one is it but its deffentely not enterprise). I have looked online about  Microsoft .NET Application Test Center but could not find anylink to download it. Most web sites says that it comes with VS. Net. At this point i am stuck because i dont see it under VS.Net folder. I am not sure if the reason is because it was not included within the instalation itselfs. Unfortunetely i dont have permission to re-install VS on my computer. I could install add-ins if that would help . Any suggestions on where to find it and how to install it?
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rcarlanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Application Center Test (act.exe) is an optional component included in the Enterprise Architect and Enterprise Developer editions of Visual Studio .NET. You won't be able to download it separately from the MS website. If not already installed on your system (search for "act.exe"), you can install it by running the Visual Studio .NET setup and adding the Application Center Test component (from under the Enterprise Development Tools section).

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