How to sort resource names in Project 2002

I am using Project 2002. In Gannt chart view, I have the task name, duration, start date, end date, predecessor and resource names columns shown. When I click on the drop down button in "resource names" to add a resource to a task, it shows the list of resources from the resource sheet, but it does not show them sorted by resource name. Is there any way to make it do that?
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Yes, you can do this; however, it should be done prior to assignments.

Here's the deal. The order in which you entered the resource names is how they appear in this drop down. Once you have entered your resources, on the resource sheet, go to the Project Menu, then Sort, then Sort By.

A Sort dialog box appears. in this box, select the drop down item in the Sort by section, type an "N" (the letter N, as in Name), then click on the word "Name."

Be sure that "Ascending" order is selected, then click on the Permanently renumber tasks checkbox at the bottom of he dialog box. This will reassign the ID numbers (which is the reason you want to do this before you assign the resources).

From now on, these resources will appear in the dialog box for resource assignment in the Gantt view Ordered as they were just sorted.

Hope this helps.

Leslyn :)
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