lucomserver and luall in the background

I'm running SAV Coporate Edition 9.0 on a W98SE. I'm not sure about 9.0, but 8.0 required you to run LiveUpdate manually. I think 9.0 is the same. So why do lucomserver.exe and luall.exe run on their own every hour or so in the background (I can hear the hard disk cranking and when I open task manager I can see the processes listed for a few seconds.) When they run nothing happens -- no pop-up dialog, nothing. Actually I think they just start to run, then stop. I'd like to disable this activity, which isn't doing anything.

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Date: 05/06/2005 06:13PM PDT

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I finally got a response from Symantec, and would like to post it here in case anyone else runs into this problem -- how to disable continuous LiveUpdate in Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition 9.x (when unchecking the boxes in the GUI does not work):

From Symantec:

I suggest you modify the Enabled key in


and the EnabledAdminForcedLU key in


Please change the value to 0 for both of these keys.
>I'm not sure about 9.0, but 8.0 required you to run LiveUpdate manually.

Actually, both v8 and v9 allow you to schedule automatic updates.

Just start the AV dialog, click on "File" from the menu, then "Schedule Updates" etc.
normanmlAuthor Commented:
I know about the settings; point is, either it doesn't work on my setup or, even though the choice is part of the GUI, it was not intended to work, BUT...either way, I asked the question badly.

Even with the autoupdate disabled [my preference], lucomserver/luall still try to run every hour or so, try to start but do not get very far. I WANT TO STOP that automatic invocation of lucomserver/luall. What file or setting is causing it? I want to disable it. [The update process works fine manually, which is how I prefer to run it.]. I have checked Symantec's KB and can find nothing on this.
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Interesting! Thanks for posting the solution.
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