Open,edit and save microsoft office file using web server..

Im trying to write php code that enable user to open microsoftoffice file direct from WEB server, edit it, and lastly press save button to save back(upload?) the file to server.

Tried using php, but the problem i have right now is that
 user have to do some 'user unfriendly' work like have to click 'browse' the temporary file to look back which file to send back (upload) to server... I can get the temporary filename and folder but seems i cant put it automatically in the form to make the user feel less work to do.

Right now the best way i can think of is using ftp and open in new window, which is not as user friendly as it should be, but at least the users dont have to browse file to upload.

anyone know how? or at least provide me a link?

server using LAMP solution, (no IIS solution pls, im using linux-apache)
the user ranging from w98-wxp

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simplyest would be to confgure your server with WebDAV enabled
then the user can use the "edit" functionality in her/his browser and use "save" there which then sends the doc back using WebDAV requests

Take care that WebDAV should not be available public, or at least protected somehow
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