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Good Tutorial for ddd?

I am looking for a good tutorial for using ddd .
I am worrking on C++ , unix platform.
I have a makefile, which has several files which need to be executed simultaneously ( Network Programming)
Is there a way I can see the flow of which file is being called and executed using ddd?Or maybe even debug a single file ,while I execute the makefile.
I could use it when I had a single file to execute .......but I am not sure how to use it in my present situation?
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sunnycoderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Debuggers process executables ... Passing makefile to them will not produce anything ... Open an executable.

>but I cannot use sleep as I am already using timers
Sleep right at startup before setting timers or anything ... idea is to give you enough time to do a ps and attach

It would help you immesnly to learn a bit about gdb too

It does not matter how many files you have ... debugger will take care of it ... Problem arises when you have mutiple processes ... gdb/ddd can track only one process at a time ... If you need to debug multiple processes,
- put a sleep in them ..
- run ps -aux and get the PIDs of the processes that interest you
- launch another instance of gdb/ddd and attach to that process ... command is "attach PID"

blinker82Author Commented:
Yes I have multiple processess.........but I cannot use sleep as I am already using timers...... it is sensitive to delays due to sleep in terms of results.
    If my makefile is say, abcd
when i run >ddd abcd
I cannot see anything in the debugger.
Can u elaborate?
blinker82Author Commented:
Hey thanks Sunny .......I ll try this and will get back sometime.
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