Using RowFilter and getting this error Missing operand after ''%we%'' operator.

I am trying to filter a dataview, say i have an item in a column called weebles I want to be able to pull it up in the filter by just typing in a search box we and just looking for a part of a string not the whole string

for some reason i keep getting this error
An unhandled exception of type 'System.Data.SyntaxErrorException' occurred in

Additional information: Syntax error: Missing operand after ''%we%'' operator.

This is the code i am using
dv1.RowFilter = ComboBox1.Text & "LIKE'%" & TextBox1.Text & "%'AND LocationNo = " & CStr(loc)
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Looks like you need some spaces:

dv1.RowFilter = ComboBox1.Text & " LIKE '%" & TextBox1.Text & "%' AND LocationNo = " & CStr(loc)
I prefer this method, which is cleaner way of looking at these types of things:

dv1.RowFilter = String.Format("{0} LIKE '%{1}%' AND LocationNo = {2}", ComboBox1.Text, TextBox1.Text, loc)

{0} will get the 0th argument after the string, ie., Combobox1.Text
{1} will get replaced with the next argument, etc...

ethnarchAuthor Commented:
I am only returning exact matches, what i want to get back is everything with a WE in it for instance if there was an item that said weebles and another that was weezer i want to return both of them by typing WE in the textbox1.
ethnarchAuthor Commented:
nevermind fixed my own problem thanks for the help
ethnarchAuthor Commented:
just increasing the points so that i can give you both some.  Thanks for the alternate coding method i didn't know you could do it that way.
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