example using struts and business delegeate pattern

I am using struts for my webapplication ; but I am not using EJB

can i still use business delegate pattern ; the examples I have seen with business delegate all uses ejb

can someone show me an example using struts and business delegate pattern without EJB

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See the UserDelegate in the following:

Some general background:
>> can i still use business delegate pattern ;
Yes you can, this pattern comes to solve two main problems one is to seperate your web teir from your business tier.
That you can achived in many ways (without EJB) like by using different container for your buisness logic (e.g
Spring). That seperation should be done via some business facade (the business delegate) that will hide the access details
to the rest of the business objects and will less sensetive for changes.

The other problem is to reduce network load and if your business logic resides together with your web teir then that is
not an issue for you.
royalcyberAuthor Commented:
do u have any sample code ??????
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