C# and hardware

Hi experts,

I am a beginner here. I was wondering if C# is good to incorporate with Hardware? For example, i would like to create a LED light up to some number based on C#. is it possible?

second question is "What is the most convenient and normally a programming language of choice when programming with hardware?"

third question is "How can i download the pogramming code into the Chips or LED or any board i programmed?"

Thank you very much
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C is used not only for programming hadrware, it's just the "lowest" of the high-level languages and it allows effective manipulation of system resources etc. C++ is not as good for hardware programming as C. Windows is written for example in C and C++. C# is very good for windows-, web-, database- and etc applications. There is no much difference now between c# and vb.net as it was between c++ and vb but c# is still more functional, there're a lot of discussions over this online, and probably it's just a prejudice but even microsoft people count c# as more serious then vb.net ;) try run google search and enter c# vs vb.net, you'll get thousands results ;)

As for your "Thank your for shopping with us", I think it's a lot less envolving - this product would be pre-programmed, or you would use a set of switches on the board to change the lettering. Anyway, it would hardly envolve any language at all as it doesn't need it.


for all hardware programming if you don't use some kind of assambly language already, your choice would be C.

C# is not appropriate since id doesn't support any native coding - it's not possible to write drivers using C#. You can find probably tricks and work arounds but in general one wouldn't use C# for any programming you're talking about.

About downloading programming code is a bit different story. Your chip will understand only binary/octal/hexadecimal commands - like 01 00 01 00 10 11 11 00, or 0134 2500 4327, or F01B A1B3 435D.

I'm not positively sure about nowadays but before you could manually program your chip with with instructions in any of the above commands using a programmator and it was very tiresome.

In normal curcumstances, you would have some environment in which you write someting in C, for example, then it will be compiled into assembly, and downloaded into your chip(s).

Though I have some doubts you can program LEDs directly since they're just diods and want accept any kind of programming language at all ;) they can be of course used as means of output

sokhodomAuthor Commented:
thank you Yurich,

So C is basically is used for Programming hardware ? HOw about C++? Which one would be an ideal programming choice?
in term of C#? What kind of application that it found to be useful in? Window application? If that's so, what the advantage of C# over VB.NET? I've seen the trend in using C# but i do not understand why it is so. Thank you for enlighten me in this case.

Could you explain me more about How can i download into a chip or something that i can programme a LED? (I've seen the product at the market, where one can make LED running like: "Thank you for shopping With Us"

sokhodomAuthor Commented:
thank you once agian Yurich,
That's answer it all.
Great Job :)
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