IMAIL Server behind a Firewall

I have an IMail server behind a Cisco Pix Firewall,

Any special configuration on the email server?
it was working straight LIVE before so the IP addresses were Public, now they will be Private, any Idea of the changes?
I found keys on the registry but I don't know if that will do it all or not.
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Also result of C:\>route print  and C:\>ipconfig/all
From the IMail server

If you really want help, perhaps you might want to provide some more information.
- what kind of mail server
- what's the network setup
- what do you want to achieve


If you can post your PIX config, that might help..
sirexilonAuthor Commented:
Th PIX Config you can see it at

and the IPconfig right now is not the one I need, when It didn't work I took the PIX out so the Servers are in Public IP's right now.

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