Accessing VNC-over-SSH from XP/Putty-box

HI experts!

Can someone tell me how I can connect with XP/Putty to
trigger first a connection to a SUSE 9.2 box, and then use
REALVNC to connect to SUSE VNC. The Suse firewall has
only the ssh port open.
Say: computername is linuxserver, ip=62.216.x.x, linuxuser=root,
all VNC ports are standard..

How can I accomplish this..?!?
(I've tried some things, but right now it says port is in use by bind??)
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XoFConnect With a Mentor Commented:

On the SuSE-Box:
Edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config. It must contain that entry:

AllowTcpForwarding yes

Afterwards on the SuSE-Box do a "pkill -1 sshd" or "/etc/init.d/sshd restart".

Assuming you have only one VNC-Display: "<SuSE-box>:1", which can be reached on port 5901. (Display <suse-box>:2 will be reached on port 5902 and so on...)

On your XP-box configure Putty to do _local_ port forwarding within the SuSE-connection:
forward port 5901 to, which means, forward the local port 5901 to port 5901 on the remote endpoint.

Now start vncviewer and use "localhost:1" for the display.


Edit the SSH config like said, Start the VNCSERVER, so it will generate the defualt config file in $HOME/.vnc,and passwd for connecting to VNC session,  kill the VNC server by vncserver -kill : 1, switch to $HOME/.vnc, edit the xstartup file, replace the defualt twn desktop, to something u like, like KDE, with "start-kde" restart the server "vncserver", it will give u on which display the server has started, on yr XP box connect with <SUSE_SERVER:1> u have the complete desktop
Nope, on the XP-box you must connect vncviewer to localhost:1 as mentioned. (obviously first you have to open the ssh tunnel)


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Yes if u connect  by SSH first and then connect with an VNCVEIWER, its localhost:1, but direct also u can connect with an VNC viewer with <SERVER:1>
> but direct also u can connect with an VNC viewer with <SERVER:1>

Nope, in this special case you can't, as only port 22 is allowed by the firewall (as mentioned by the OP).


joop123456Author Commented:
Hi XoF,

It works !!!
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