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Hello all.

This might be a weird question but i was wondering if i could use a image (non rectangular) as my GUI

I am looking at creating one of those Desktop friends just wondering if it is possible in java? wanted have say a picture of a face which i can use as my gui? is there a way to create a gui which is an obsecure shape and have a image for the background?
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Not really, though you can give the illusion of a non rectangular window by taking a snapshot of screen under the window and displaying that as the background of your window. The actual window will still be rectangular but to the user it will appear not to be.
You can of course start with JWindow (rectangular but no visible border)
and put on that a background picture with a transparent background.
Then you don't realise that it is a gui but think it is just a picture.

Be aware that people may click on area's where they see the windows of other applications
while it is still your window they're on.
I assume that what you want is like the Acrobat 7 splash.
Yes, you can in JAVA.

OK with me,
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