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I'm trying to make a function that allows me to send a mapi message but it must not send until the user explicit pushes a send button. Wat i want is that a some kind of dialog (standard oulook sendmail dialog) pops up after the mail has been composed. This will give the user the oppurtunity to check the mail before he sends it himself. Downunder is the code i have so far. This code composes a mapi message but at the end it sends the mail and i can't figure out how to show a sendmail dialog.


' Name   :  SendMail
' Date   :  22-01-1999
' Purpose:  This is the front-end function to the MAPISendMail function.
'           You pass a semicolon-delimited list of To and CC recipients,
'           a subject, a message, and a delimited list of file attachments.
'           This function prepares MapiRecip and MapiFile structures with
'           the data parsed from the information provided using the
'           ParseRecord sub. Once the structures are prepared, the
'           MapiSendMail function is called to send the message.
' Comment:
' Input  :  Subject$  - The text to appear in the subject line of the message
'           Receiver$ - Semicolon-delimited list of names to receive the message
' CC$    :  Semicolon-delimited list of names to be CC'd
' Attach$:  Semicolon-delimited list of files to attach to the message
' Returns:  SUCCESS_SUCCESS if successful, or a MAPI error if not.
Public Function SendMail(ByVal Subject$, ByVal Receiver$, ByVal CC$, ByVal Attach$, ByVal Message$) As String
On Error GoTo SendMail_Err
    Dim i, cTo, cCC, cAttach                'variables holding counts
    Dim oSession As MAPISession
    Dim oMessages As MAPIMessages
    Dim msg$
    'Count the number of items in each piece of the mail message
    cTo = CountTokens(Receiver$, ";")
    cCC = CountTokens(CC$, ";")
    cAttach = CountTokens(Attach$, ";")
    'Create arrays to Receiver$re the semicolon delimited mailing
    'information after it is parsed
    ReDim rTo(0 To cTo) As String
    ReDim rCc(0 To cCC) As String
    ReDim rAttach(0 To cAttach) As String
    'Parse the semicolon delimited information into the arrays
    ParseTokens rTo(), Receiver$, ";"
    ParseTokens rCc(), CC$, ";"
    ParseTokens rAttach(), Attach$, ";"
    'Instantiate Object
    Set oSession = CreateObject("MSMapi.MapiSession")
    Set oMessages = CreateObject("MSMapi.MapiMessages")
    'Open Session
    oSession.LogonUI = True
    With oMessages
        .SessionID = oSession.SessionID
        .MsgIndex = -1
        'Activate check adresses
        .AddressResolveUI = True
        For i = 0 To cTo - 1
            .RecipType = 1
            .RecipIndex = i
            .RecipAddress = rTo(i)
        Next i
        For i = 0 To cCC - 1
            .RecipType = 2
            .RecipIndex = i
            .RecipAddress = rCc(i)
        Next i
        'Subject en messagetext
        .MsgSubject = Subject$
        .MsgNoteText = Message$ & vbCrLf & Space(cAttach)   'reserve spaces for attachments
        For i = 0 To cAttach - 1
            .AttachmentIndex = i
            .AttachmentPosition = Len(.MsgNoteText) + i - cAttach
            .AttachmentPathName = rAttach(i)
        Next i
        'Send the mail message
    End With
    'End session
    msg$ = ""
    Set oSession = Nothing
    Set oMessages = Nothing
    SendMail = msg$
    Exit Function

    Select Case Err.Number
        Case 32001: msg$ = "de gebruiker heeft de opdracht geannuleerd"
        Case 32002: msg$ = "er is een onbekende fout opgetreden"
        Case 32011: msg$ = "bijlage(n) niet gevonden"
        Case Else
            RuntimeErr "SendMail"
            msg$ = "er is een fout opgetreden"
    End Select
    Resume SendMail_Exit

End Function
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Shiju SasidharanConnect With a Mentor Assoc Project ManagerCommented:
Shiju SasidharanAssoc Project ManagerCommented:
try this change


 'Send the mail message
       .Send True

wacko41Author Commented:

Wow ****ing unbelieveble that it just so simple. I don't know how i've could have missed that. You won't believe all the things i have tried to get it to work and i pretty familiar with VB if i say so myself.

Shiju SasidharanAssoc Project ManagerCommented:
HI wacko41

;-) Thank u for the points lol
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