Server redundancy

We have 1 server which acts as a Domain Controller, Mail Server & a File Server.
If the server fails we have to fix it which means downtime.

We want redundancy (i.e we still need to be able to send and receive email, and access files that wuld normally be kept on the serer) without any downtime.  Possible clustering/and or NAS solution?
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acsmedicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Clustering is the way to go for high availability but it is fairly expensive. The prices are falling but are a long ways off from being reasonable. If you go the NAS route than you will have isolated points of failure. ie: NAS goes down no files, server goes down no  email.
Here is a link to Dell's clustering
Note: each server in the cluster must have the same hardware which can be a limiting factor if you already have a server.

You probably would be better off just making your server fault tolerant and adding a second AD backup server as below.
Want I mean by fault tolerant is a RAID controller with 2 channels. On first channel you have 2 drives mirrored (OS only) and on the second channel a minimum of 3 drives in RAID 5 for data, add to that a case with dual power supplies and a good UPS and you are reasonably good. Without spending major $... unless of course you loose $1000.00/minute of downtime this would probably be best.  

I would strongly suggest a second server if you use active directory. It can be a hardware light box even an old celeron with a gig of ram is fine to replicate AD (you do NOT want to try and do a directory restore if you can help it)
bmquintasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The cluster is a possibilitie, but will not come cheap considering the software costs (are you using exchange?),
win2000 or 2003?
doddwellAuthor Commented:
We are not using exchange.  We use Tobit but are considering an off-site option for mail using Exchange (see  The fileserver is Win2000.
doddwellAuthor Commented:
My boss is telling me that he wants our email on a separate server and that he wants to move to Exchange 2003.  We currently have files and our email (Tobit) on one server.  Is it advisable to put exchange onto another server...if so:
-Is it easy to implement
-The server we have earmarked for this has Win2000 Server..should we upgrade to Win2003 server?
r-kConnect With a Mentor Commented:
-The server we have earmarked for this has Win2000 Server..should we upgrade to Win2003 server?
 You can't run Exchange 2003 on Windows 2000 server, so this part of the answer is obvious.
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