Blank screen and no mouse/keyboard when rebooting with monitor locally connected

I currently use alot of 19" rackservers for a project and only have 1 monitor for all. Everything works fine when u reboot a server with the monitor and keyboard/mouse connected but without them u can't do anything locally on the machine after a reboot and everything has to be done remotely.
I only have a blank screen and no working keyboard/mouse.

Now linux does work when I give the servers a reboot and after that connect a monitor mouse and keyboard to it.

Is this a security feature Microsoft build in that I can disable or is there no other option then to reboot with everything connected?
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It's not a security feature, it's just that the machine's BIOS doesn't detect the mouse/keyboard, so it doesn't get reported to the Windows, so Windows doesn't support it. Seems like you're using a PS/2 keyboard/mouse; you should *not* hot plug a PS/2 connection; they're not designed for that, and you might well fry a chip on the mainboard.
Use a KVM switch, or try your luck with a USB keyboard and USB mouse.

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arjanweytsAuthor Commented:
yeh that might work but without the monitor it's still useless to be able to connect with a keyboard and mouse.
The monitor shouldn't matter; if Windows can't detect a monitor, it assumes a default model (and hotplugging a VGA connection should work, as it doesn't have any supply voltage); the one thing you should do is turn off the "turn off monitor after inactivity" setting.
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