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Low throughput DLT VS 80 with Brightstor Arcserve 11.1

I haven problems with my backup. I use HP DLT VS 80 with brightstor arcserve. When i backup 20 Gb data is runs about 40 hours an has a throughput of 6 Mb/m in stead of 6 mb/s. I think the default block size of 512 is to low. Does anybody know where i can change this.
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1 Solution
How is the DLT connected to the server? Are you using a separate controller or is it the same as your disks are using?
This problem was addressed in a Tape Engine update.

Here is the download page
QO63594        119 MB        01/27/05        NT -BAB R11.1 SERVICE PACK 1 - ENGLISH
QO66072        10.5 MB        04/04/05        NT -BAB 11.1 DEVICE SUPPORT UPDATE 3
and should install this
QO66526        11.8 MB        04/11/05        NT -UNIVERSAL AGENT SECURITY UPDATE
LSoochitAuthor Commented:
It is a different controller where the DLT is connected too
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LSoochitAuthor Commented:
If you install SP1 do you need to stop all arcserve serices or only the tape engines
All services need to be stopped and there is a chance the system will need to be restarted.

Here is the registry hack to set the block size.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\      ComputerAssociates\ARCserveIT\Base\TapeEngine\DEVICE#

(where DEVICE# corresponds to the tape drive you want to change the block size)

Highlight DEVICE# select Edit Add Value,
Value Name: DefaultBlockFactor
Data Type: REG_DWORD
click ok,
Data: 7   <-- Hex

0 = 512 (default)
1 = 1,024 (1K)
2 = 2,048 (2K)
3 = 4,096 (4K)
4 = 8,192 (8K)
5 = 16,384 (16K)
6 = 32,768 (32K)
7 = 65,536 (64K)
LSoochitAuthor Commented:
Thx for the hack that did the trick.
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