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linxu drive copying problem.. is it possible without cd or tape?

Hi there.

I want to copy one linux partition's contents to a file, ftp it to another server running linux and unzip it to form another operating system. is this possible?

it's a server in a hosting centre without a tape drive or recordable cd/dvd etc.

Tried a
tar -cvf blah.tar *  
gzip blah.tar

but when I came to unzip the file on the second server, the file had problems unzipping, incremental problems or something. the zip file was corrupted somehow
(yes, ftp was bin format).

Thanks for any help possible.

3 Solutions


"tar jcvpf blah.tar.bz2 *"

and extract by

"tar jxvpf blah.tar.bz2"

You could use the following:

tar zcvf blah.tar *
tar zxvf blah.tar.gz

You could also transfer using scp which will allow you to move entire directories.
> on the second server, the file had problems unzipping, incremental problems or something
1. What's kind of tool you use to unzip the tar.gz file? WinZip (version 8.1 or above)?

2. How big is the tar file (not compressed)?

  Some uncompress softwares have 2 GB file size limitation. So you need to get later version or
do it on Linux.

If your second server is Windows, then you can download/insall cygwin
And uncompress in cygwin shell.
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Note: if you used gzip to compress the tar file, then you need to use gunzip (not unzip) to uncompress it.

Another solution:

If you can access the target machine via ssh, then another solution (which doesn't involve creating a tar file) is:

tar zvcpf - . | ssh user@host 'cd /target/dir; tar zxpBf -'

This is especially useful across a local network, but also works over the Internet.
> then you need to use gunzip (not unzip) to uncompress it.
Winzip can unzip the *.gz and *.tar.gz without problem.
Gnu zip is open source, so winzip support gzip/gunzip.
Even you can use zip command for your need....
you can easilty unzip using winzip on windows....
(also you can unzip the tar.gz. file in winzip)

Gopu N


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