Supported (ODBC)driver DSN for Lotus notes on Linux or any other way to connect to notes fron JAVA Apps

We have a application (JAVA)running on WAS, which is to be connected to NSF for now. earlier this application was on windows OS and was connected to NSF without any prob we used notesSql driver for that,now that app is shifted to Linux and we want fecth some detail of document newly created but the prob is we
(1)don't now how to create DSN on linux.
(2)Which ODBC driver is supported for that
(3)Any other way to connect to nsf.
our notes DB is on Linux, and java app is on another linux server and they accessed by window workstation
prob is not with nsf but when we accessing application on WAS there is a sql query which retrive modified records on this case right not notesSql driver is not supported.
Anybody with any solution Kindly help with this
Thanx in adv.
Harsh Tiwari
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Sjef BosmanConnect With a Mentor Groupware ConsultantCommented:
Don't use ODBC, but use CORBA. See the Domino Designer Help database, on "Running a Java program"
h_tiwariAuthor Commented:
Sjef bosman
I saw ur link. actually there nothing to do with the domino db but we want java app to fire sql query so that it can fetch data from domino db.
frankly i don't know anything abt java i haven't use it in domino. as per ur link i think i have to make changes in domino db or write a agent.
or may be i have misunderstood is the corba programme has to be written in java app if yes if not then if u can plz. guide me how to go abt it in domino.
see thing in java app all created document are already there which has DB2 in background. after migration fron Windoew to linux lot of document has been modified and some are newly created. only those document need to added and modified accoring to our java team they have vector whcih keeps all information abt the document which are already in DB2 when there is new entry/entries in notes db that particluar document or user autoatically comes in drop down list from the basis of name all other data is fetch from notes to DB@ using java(Sqlquery) using JDBC.

Hope i explaind the scenario prperly
but even if i can do that with notes we have no prob.
Harsh Tiwari
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Sorry, in that case I have no idea whatsoever...

You already searched Google on Domino Notessql linux odbc ?
krishansenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
FYI - the next release of Domino 7 server will support DB2 as a storage facility.

You will be able to export the Domino data into db2 tables and query it (as with any db2 database) using sql.

If you are not in a rush, this may be a solution.

Otherwise, I think (as the previous commenter suggested) CORBA is a reasonable solution.  You can set up CORBA on the Domino server and enable the DIIOP service/port.  At that point you can use Java to query any aspect of the Domino database in question -- including grabbing a specific document from a view based on a key criteria such as a document ID. There is not much that you can not do using CORBA, but sometimes it is a bit more work than it's worth (ie. not the most effecient solution)..

There WAS a Lotus Domino jdbc driver available (this is sort of equivalent to an odbc driver but on the linux platform) but it is no longer available or supported.  You might be able to find a copy of it, but keep in mind that it is not supported and may not be reliable in a production environment.

Good luck!

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