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What is the Best Language or Combination of Languages?

I need to build an application for a simple job: periodically throughout the day, check the contents of a series of ASCII files to insure that the contents have not changed. If they have not, sleep until the next check. If one or more have changed, alert a person with a flashing red dialogue box.

So the question is this: what language or combination of languages would you recommend for this task?

The solution will need to run on a PC operating under Win2k, and the files it needs to check reside on across the LAN on a (you're going to love this part) Dec Alpha.
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3 Solutions
Jaime OlivaresCommented:
You can do it in any modern language, but if you want it to be short, fast and portable, use C++.
Alternatively for easy programming (not so short or fast), VB.net or C#
I would have to say that depends on what you are familiar with and what languages you know or understand the best , if you could tell us which ones you know then that would give us a better chance of telling you which one out of the ones you are capable of using is better for you :)

Obviously an OOP language is better suited for the task you are trying to do. So in saying that, that leaves you with C++, Java, C# and VB.NET.

If there are any OOP languages I am missing then I'm sorry ! :P

pdouglasAuthor Commented:
I mis-spoke earlier. The files I want to check are not ASCII but binary. I'm thinking a checksumming command/routine native to VMS would suffice for continuity checking them?

The languages I've programmed in so far (on PCs) are Perl and Visual Basic 6. This does not preclude me from learning another one if another is better suited to this task. That's how I picked up VB6. I'm not familiar with the .NET version of it though. And I understand there are significant differences with VB6.

So, in short, whatever combo of languages that will do the job most efficiently, I'll go off and learn.
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There is quite a learning curve between visual basic 6 and .NET, it would be possible in visual basic 6.0 however it would require a lot of coding :)

So in that case I would recomend VB.NET just because it is closer to visual basic then any of the others , however out of all of the languages I would have to say either C++ or Java are the 2 better ones to choose out of all of them :)

So probably go off and learn VB.NET , C++ or Java ( Only one of them though, obviously )

Up to you which one you want to do :)

With regards to doing it most efficiently I would wait for another experts input on that :) I am fairly certain C++ would be the better out of all of them however I am not entirely sure :-S
Jaime OlivaresCommented:
combo of languages? I think this is not a good alternative for 99% of cases.
As Jaime has said, C++ would be best; you could add some sort of File Hook on the file, so that one of your functions are called whenever the file is changed (rather than constantly checking every # seconds ... which is what you would have had to do with the old 16-bit .. take advantage of 32-bit!).

Personally, not knowing much about UIs with C/C++, I would personally use Java, but implement some C++ with JNI, in order to use a File Hook.. As I can then, very easily, create a nice little GUI :-)

However, as has been said: it's down to what you're most comfortable with ... however, if you have very little experience with Programming, this isn't really the sort of thing which you can quickly learn a language, then create it.. You'd be better begging/paying someone with experience to do it for you..

Well, that's my 2 cent. :-)

pdouglasAuthor Commented:
Two final questions:

What did you have in mind for a file hook? I'm not sure I'm following you there. Also, do any of these languages/packages "talk" to VMS better than the others?
Just out of dumb curosity what OS is the DEC Alpha machine running?
pdouglasAuthor Commented:
The OS is VMS: Virtual Memory System.
That is easy.

You need to create a list of the Technical Issues.
   I never used VMS(But i think what is like unix).

But if i will be creating the programs
            How read the file from the Dec Alpha
               By Http,Https or Ftp File (Look for examples to download the file in vb,vc,java,etc).
               Isvery important if the file is ascii or binary.

  Maybe exists some option or feature in VMS to look the files in network of windows
  if this is posibble that will not be a issue.

  Problem:Type of validation to do with the file.
    Char by Char:etc
  Solution :all is easy only if you have a preference by a language will be better.

        Create every xtime a routine to get the info and compare.
      vc=class like timer(for and evaluate x time ).
     java=timetask class.
  Solution is easy.

    Is more easy vb or vb.net
    vc and java more difficult.

    If you have some preference in languages is better.

     Deadline of the program?

Things to expect:
    vb6.-you know how is.
    vb.net exists more things like vc++ than vb6-->I expect in the better of the ways one week
    to learn all instructions necessary(if you many experience searching samples in the web will be easy).

    Visual c++ or Visual C++.net .- the better option but you need many time if you do not
   time using the language.

   Java.-is more easy than visual c++ but exists a difference with vb6.

And the more important.

   You have some ide?
    or visual Studio
   java doesn't matter is freee

 Best Regards,
Enrique Lino




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