Microsoft Exchange 2003 server issue

I need to find all of the outgoing e-mail to a particular e-mail address through a Microsoft Exchange 2003 server within the last week.  What is the best way to get all of this e-mail that went to a particular address from our company server within a weeks time?
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First you must enable message tracking:;en-us;246856

Then you can use the tracking feature to search on sender / recipient / etc. over a period of time.
regsampAuthor Commented:
Enable tracking is set but we want to find if it for each employee and that will take sometime.  I need to find if there is a quicker way?
Not sure I understand the problem... if you search on the recipient field only (using the external email address in question) the results will include messages sent from any and every internal user.  You do not have to search for each combination of sender/recipient.
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