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Does anyone have any suggestions on how to compare a view with an excel spreadsheet and note the differences either in a another view or some other way?  Or perhaps compare 2 similiar views with each other and note the differences in a 3rd view?

Columns in both the Excel spreadsheet and the view to be compared with would match as far as names.

The reason for this is as follows:
We have a report that comes down from our mainframe each month showing usernames and the applications and transactions that they have. I open this report in monarch, apply a model, then export it to a table and save it as an excel spreadsheet.

Users request transactions and applications using a Notes database which goes through an approval process.  I want to make sure that what the users are approved for matches what they have in the downloaded report.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Or a solution within notes.... assuming that's what we're most familiar with!

Import the Excel sheet in Notes as a different form (searching for "COL" in designer help often helps when importing plain as text).
Have two views, sorted: one containing the existing notes docs, the other showing the imported stuff.
Using LS, start at the top of both views. 3 situations may occur when comparing the column values:

1) DocA > DocB
-> take action and continue using GetNextDocument(DocA)

2) DocA = DocB
-> I guess you require no actuin but to continue using the next documents of both DocA and DocB

3) DocA < DocB
-> take action and continue using GetNextDocument(DocB)
Here's a couple of suggestions:

If you have R6, you can use the Edit > Copy Selected To Table feature to copy the view entries then paste them into the excel spreadsheet.  Then you could use excel functions to compare row by row.

For comparisons of text files, I use a great freeware utility called ExamDiff:

You could try exporting both the excel sheet and view to two text files and then use this program to compare the differences.
schmad01Author Commented:
Using R5
Why not just export to Excel for the compare?

The other way to do this is to take one of the export to Excel agents form Notes.Net, but program it so that instead of actually taking each cell value and pushing it to Excel, just grab the value from the cell that it would have been pushed to and compare.  Shoudl not be too difficult, even if you don't know that much about Excel OLE programming.... just change the line of code that sets the value to instead get the same value, and add a line to compare that to teh value that you WOULD have set.

As far as storing the results, I would start off with just writing out a text file noting the cell number for the cells that don't match.
schmad01Author Commented:
Great thanks all.
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