SBS 2003 - How do I securely connect to another sbs 2003 server for data Tx/Rx?

Need to move data between two SBS 2003 servers.  Can only be done remotely.  

Cannot setup Secure FTP/SSL as I first need to move the sbs 2003 install files onto the remote server. Accessing first server from OS X Powerbook over dial up via VPN tunnel, from another client site. (Just ordered replacement XPPro laptop).

Have been trying to use VPN like client to server but that just sites looking smart after being authenticated.  Accessing the remote server via browser and installed security cert. But that s far as I get...

Now realise we should of installed complete sbs 2003 dvd onto server prior to leaving client site!

Secure client site, physical access very restricted.  We have full admins to server and gateway router (FVS318).  NB No VPN currently setup on router.

How do I securely access SBS2003 remote server from another SBS2003 to push needed build/setup files?
Is FTP/SSL the best way of moving large data files between servers?


Mark Carey
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
YOU CAN'T really tunnel to another SBS machine... and if it's using the same IP subnet any kind of VPN will cause problems between the two servers... they like to be king of their domains.

So RDP would certainly work... just click on the "options" button and then on the local resources tab of the RDP client and check the "disk drives" box.  All of your local drives will then show up in the "my computer" area of the remote machine.  (They will be named something like C: on Remote, D: on Remote, etc.... they can also be found under My Network Places > Entire Network > Microsoft Terminal Services ).

There are some programs which won't install over a remote drive connection.

Alternatively, you can use Remote Web Workplace which uses RPC over HTTP and is more secure than Terminal Services.  Just go to http://ip.address.of.remote/remote and the log in as administrator.  (uncheck the "I am using a public computer" box) You can then select "connect to server desktops" and select the SBS machine... but also click on "more settings" to allow files to be transfered between machines (this is the same as RDP, but it's going over port 4125 instead of 3389 --- also select the "console session" to provide greater control of the remote server).

Remote Desktop is an excellent way.  You can share your drives and it will encrypt the data using the RPC protocol.  If you can not connect to it, make them connect to you.
markacareyAuthor Commented:
How do I share drives within RDP between remote devices?
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