Best Way to Display Views By Date

I have a date field [InputMonth] in my form.  It is set to custom to show only Months with a default value of @Today.
Right now it shows the names of the month (mmmm).  

In my view I have a select statment in a view called April I am wanting all documents created in April to show up in the view.

SELECT Form = "Request" | Form = "Response Form" & AttachFlag = "Yes"  & Subject = "Ledger Spreadsheet" & InputMonth = 04

This is not working.

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Sjef BosmanConnect With a Mentor Groupware ConsultantCommented:
Hi Jaziar,

Don't forget operator precedence, i.e. the & has higher precedence than the |
And the test for the month sghould be different.

    SELECT (Form = "Request" | Form = "Response Form") & AttachFlag = "Yes"  & Subject = "Ledger Spreadsheet" & @Month(InputMonth) = 4

JaziarAuthor Commented:
That was it - Thanks for the quick reply
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