Wireless router + Win XP + Win 2000 Home Network Setup

I have a home network composed of two machines running Windows XP Pro and Windows 2000 Pro.  They share a DSL connection via a DLink wireless router.

What I need help on is how to access files on one machine from the other.  I've tried sharing a folder but the other machine cannot see it.  Also, the Win2000 machine has an external hard drive connected via USB.  I would like to share that with the other machine as well.

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First make sure both computers are in the same workgroup.

You can do this by right clicking the my computer icon and looking at the Computer Name tab.

If they are then it is just a matter of setting up the shares.  Log into the computer with the external drive and open my computer.  Right click on the drive you want to share and go to the sharing tab.  It should be pretty self explanitory from there.  Also to make it easier on you you should set up the same account (username and password) on both machines.

Hope this helps
1. If you have firewalls make sure they allow local network traffic (for file and printer sharing)
2. Create same users and passwords in both pc's
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