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Open document for readonly when alreayd open.

Right now when a user opens one of my documents that has an embedded spreadsheet in it, I have it lock the document so on one else can open it and edit it. -- I would like it so the first person in is the only one that can edit the embedded object but everyone else can still get into the document and read the OLE object. Any idea's?

Thanks in advance for help.
1 Solution
You have a weird interaction of the Notes UI and the OLE object UI.  In order to save an update to an OLE object, the OLE container (Notes) must receive the update from the OLE editor (Excel) and store that update.  The way this works in Notes i:

1) Excel saves update
2) Notes editor recieves update
3) Notes editor updates in-memory copy of object with OLE data
4) When editor saves document, then OLE chnages are also saved to database.

Until step 4 happens, the OLE adta is really not saved at all, in any permanent way.  And since, from what you say, the document is locked and can't be saved to the database, the OLE update will not really be saved at all.

Now, that fulfills your requirements half-way -- the OLE object can be edited, and can appear to be saved (step 1 of 4), but it can't actually be saved.  What you really want is to prevent anyone from editing the object in teh OLE editor at all.  Unformtunately, that's controlled by the OLE editor, not by Notes, and there's little you can do about it.

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