Using 2 Cisco 1100

Is there a way to set these up so a computer will switch from one access point to the next after the signal gets too low?

I have two Cisco 1100 on the same SSID at two different spots in the building to keep a high signal strength, but I don't know how or if I can configure then this way.

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If there is overlapp in their range this should happen automatically, however, "If there are multiple Access Points in your wireless topology, your client maintains an association with the Access Point it originally associated with until it loses keepalive beacons from that Access Point. If contact is lost, and if attempts to regain contact with the original Access Point continue to fail, the client then seeks out another Access Point and attempts to associate to it, provided that the client has sufficient rights and authorization on the new Access Point." (from the cisco site)

Also check out the hot standby setup:

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