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I have moved our exchange server onto a member server, this IP is not permitted to receive, www/http via our firewall.  Since IIS hosts OWA for outlook we cannot seem to get out mail via the net anymore

the address is as follows   "mail.hitechauto.co.za/exchange"

What can i do without having to change my firewall config, can i use DNS to route the query?? if so please tell me what i need to add into dns and where

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I would just setup 1to1 NAT so that you don't get reverse DNS errors for some users in china..

MX records report back to mail.hitechauto.co.za?  Yes

Domain      Type      Class      TTL      Answer

 hitechauto.co.za.      MX      IN      86400      mail.hitechauto.co.za. [Preference = 10]

 hitechauto.co.za.      NS      IN      86400      jupiter.is.co.za.

 hitechauto.co.za.      NS      IN      86400      titan.is.co.za.

 hitechauto.co.za.      NS      IN      86400      demeter.is.co.za.

 mail.hitechauto.co.za.      A      IN      86400

 jupiter.is.co.za.      A      IN      86400

 titan.is.co.za.      A      IN      86400

 demeter.is.co.za.      A      IN      86400

I would just change the firewall to be absoutely certain that nothing happens with communication among the rest of the world.

/speaking from recent experience.

Not sure if this would work, don't have a machine to test in front of me.  But, how about keeping the virtual directory on the old IIS server, and redirect it to the new server IP.

Under the properties of the Virtual directory, the first option is the directory, a redirection to a URL.  Change this one to the IP of the new server.

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