Restoring Active Directory with Backup Exec


We recently had a 2 month old Dell PowerEdge wash away in a flood. The server was submersed in 4 feet of water. Needless to say, its gone.

We purchased another Dell PowerEdge ( Windows 2003 SBS ) and luckily we were able to salvage a working tape backup (full system state)of the old server.

We are using Backup Exec 9.1 to restore DNS, Exchange and AD. We are having success restoring the data but we are unable to restore AD.

Any suggestions?
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you need to restore the system state in active directory restore mode.

Before you get that far though, you need to install backup exec to a seperate folder to where it is in the original server.

I have followed this with success a few times.


Important questions
1) How old is this backup? (the best-before date is 60 days after the backup was made)
2) Do you have any other working DCs for that domain?  How many DCs were in the domain originally?
3) Exactly what do you mean by "unable to restore AD"?  Do you mean the restore fails, or AD fails to work correctly after the restore?  If the later, exactly what is happening?

I suspect you are running into problems related to restoring an isolated DC that used to be part of a set.  When I know more about your situation I can probably give you some help.

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