Pros and cons .net wan depoloyment vs. terminal server/citrix deployment

I would like to get some feedback on an issue we are facing.  Our organization is rolling out a .net application to 13 remote facilities with a concurrent user count of about 50 and a peak of about 75.  The corporate team is split on whether to deploy using a wan vpn methodology with local clients or a TS or Citrix model.  From my perspective I like the Ts/Citrix model but does anyone have any experience or data on bandwidth requirements for a SQL app on a WAN based deployment or pros and cons of each.
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Okay so...

You are running a report (That is the app, correct?) that is pulling data from an SQL server?

This is my take on it.

We run a ton of crystal reports at my company and some of the reports can be a few thousand pages of data, if the data extraction utility / software / program you are running is pulling alot of data from the SQL box you should consider running it from the Citrix server sitting on a 100mb connection to the SQL server. For nothing else other then you can publish the report / software and run just that interface without giving users access to the remote desktop of the server.

This way when the data is formatted it can then be saved, copied to a workstation, copied to a server, printed etc...

Anyhow thats just my take and experiance on it...

It is a matter of bandwidth....

How large are the applications?

More to the point if you have the Citrix infrastructure in place already and we are only talking 50 - 75 I would go the citrix route... its clean and cost effective.

Using the VPN method, it will work, but do you have the facilities in place already or are you gonna have to talk each user into configuring a VPN connection? or its it router to router that is already configured?

There is also a method that is over looked alot now... Burn it and send 2 disks to each office with step by step install instructions... You said there are only 13 offices...

nicklas1975Author Commented:
Matter of bandwidth as well as existing infrastructure in the field and causing the least turmoil for non technical end users.  We currently have a limited Terminal Server environment established 1 TS windows 2003 Server capable of about 50 connections.  

The remote locations typicaly are running business DSL, There is no hardware VPN Established Currently they currently utilize a local application running from on site w2000 servers in conjunction with remote desktop connections to windows 2003 terminal server.  

The application is not extremely large itself however it does move a significant amount of data to and from the SQL server especially in report printing areas.

I think both the pros and cons were listed, and his question was answered.
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