NT 4.0 DC replaced by Win2k Server

I've seen a few posts on this but looking for a cut and dry awnser. Current Setup, 1 NT 4.0 PDC; 25 win2k Clients. We are going to replace the server and I want to find out if there is a way to avoid rejoining all 25 clients to the new server so I dont have to deal w/ recreating/copying all of their profiles.  I understand I could upgrade the NT4.0 server, transfure rolls then demote it out, but as a onsite tech that is a bit too time consuming. Is there no way to exactly match the SSID/Domain info on the new server so the workstations wont even notice the diffrence? Again, comes down to avoiding rejoining all of the workstations to the new domain. Any advice is apreciated. Thanks.

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In a migration, you must re-join the clients to the domain because in a migration you are creating a new domain and therefore a new SID...even if you name the domains the same, the new domain will have a different SID and you just can't make it have the same SID.

You have to weigh your options as to which is more time consuming...either do an upgrade instead of a migration or re-join the 25 clients to the domain....
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