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Removing/delete listener service

Dear friends,
I have my LISTENER up and working but I have another listener not starte since long time ago.  I would like to get ride of it.


Could you tell me how to remove it?
1 Solution
There should be an GUI like "Net Config Assistant' or "Easy Net".
Start this GUI.
Go to the Listener section
Select the needed Listener.
Use "Remove" option.
Be careful!
ZopiloteAuthor Commented:
I will try.  It is just my test db, somebody was playing with it.
ZopiloteAuthor Commented:
This Window Service does not appear in Net Configuration Assistant.
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Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
To remove a service from Windows, run RegEdit, go to Hkey-Local-Machine, System, CurrentControlSet, Services and find the service you want to delete, then choose Edit, then Delete.
Simply delete the entry from listener.ora file. It is in <ORACLE_HOME>\network\admin\ folder. But do keep a back-up of the file before removing it's entry. Restart the machine after the removal. Al so just remove it's services from Windows Services (Control Panel > Administrative tools > Services).

This should do.


in windows

1.  Start regedit (you can start it at the command prompt by typing C:\regedit, or from the Start menu.)

2.  Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services.

3.  Delete Oracle<HOME_NAME>TNSListener.

4.  Delete OracleService<SID>.

Updating the Oracle Listener
The listener service is a process which will sit on the Oracle database server and wait for calls to that database instance. The easiest way to update the listener for your newly copied database is to copy the listener files from the previous database. These files are located in c:\orant\network\admin. All of the files should be copied. The minimun files should be eventdef.tcl, listener.ora, sqlnet.ora and tnsnames.ora. There may be additional files. If so, copy them too if the client machines mcan not contact your database server. Otherwise the listener files can be configured using the SQL Net Easy Configuration Utility.

In unix
remove all the entries which refer to the deleted database in tnsnames.ora and listener.ora (located in $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin)

try to remove these
      #(GLOBAL_DBNAME = dbname)
      #(ORACLE_HOME = /home/ora9ir2)
      #(SID_NAME = ora9ir2)

ZopiloteAuthor Commented:
sujit_kumar, this listener does not appear on my listener.ora, and  I could not find a way to delete a service using Control Panel > Administrative tools > Services.  Where is the delete/remove option?  Thanks!

helpneed, thank you for the detailed solution, just that markgeer gave me the solution earlier.

schwertner, thanks!

markgeer, this solution worked! many thanks!!

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