database connection disappears


Twice now in the past month I have had forms simply lose their database connection listing and stop gathering information.  

The form had the proper link to the connection which puts the data in the database, but a week later and on all my backups are blank, and when I checked two databases /forms both had lost their connection in the form properties to the database and all the data entries went nowhere.

What causes this and how do I ensure that it doesn't happen again?

databases are connected to camp registration and then when you open camp information the transportation request form.

I have done hundreds of forms/databases and never seen this before. My ISP says the form was hacked by entering graphics characters in the form, techie friends say this isn't likely.  I just lost a months' worth of data and need to be sure that what goes into the form will go into the database.

Thank you!!!!
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First -- are you using the dbrw to create your db connection.

If yes, the problem may be related to the global.asa file or a slow connection.

I would recommend hard coding with vbscript to ensure you are making a good connection. This is a more reliable method.

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