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Hard Drive Problems Need New HD

I've have had a couple of hard drives and almost all of them die after a while.
Is not that I take them out and start touching them nor that I move my computer
While is on. The fact is that they all start with that sound like breaking or something
I have decided to ask what’s going on with those things. Is that the brand I get it’s really
Bad or it’s the place where my computer is located.

40 GB IBM - 38 GB Western Digital and A 38 GB Maxtor I have decided to buy a bigger
Hard Drive and Found this one LACIE 500 GB External Hard Drive is it good? I would like
To have more than 400 GB for all my business card templates and animation sources.
I just dont want to lose all that infomation.
4 Solutions
I think you have a heat problem... Maybe put a fan on the internal drives.   Seems to me the drives are overheating and causing them to die much quicker.  External would be one option, but you'd want an internal drive as well...  Store important files on a both drives to where if a hdd does die, you have backups.
LaCie drives have good reputations.  When dealing with quality, go for those with long warranties - Seagate has the longest one that I know of, and their drives are consistently good.  Protect them from mechanical shocks, bad electrical power, and keep them well ventilated and they should last.  I notice that my external drives in aluminum enclosures get very warm to the touch, so keep them cool.

Personally I like Western Digital, my own experience with them has been better than Maxtor.  WD offers a 3-year warranty for $14.95 (the standard warranty is one year).  The largest actual drive being made, as far as I know, is a 350 gig Maxtor, so anything over that is an arry of some sort.  With an array that goes for size rather than redundancy, in most cases if you lose either drive you lose the entire array, so your reliability is actually reduced.  As far as I know, Lacie doesn't make drives, so if you open it up, you are going to find some other drive (Western Digital, Maxtor, Seagate, Hitachi .....) inside.  Agreed with JimsZ that heat can definitely kill a drive, you want good air circulatin around the drive(s).  And I have to agree also with Callandor, my external USB drive case, which has very little ventilation, gets quite warm.  I wish that the case was larger (it's virtually the size of the 3.5" 200 gig drive that I put inside it), and had a fan.  But I don't use it often or for extended periods of time, it's not a "primary" storage device, more for backup and transporting data.
I am all game for Seagate as far as reliability goes and even Western digital. However the amnt of hard disks u have had gone bad suggests to something else like heat or a strong electr magnetic source nearby. You need to check/change cables etc and check ur power supply etc to eliminate such problems first.

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