How to know MSN actual online status?

Assume that..
1. A and B use msn:
2. A allow B in contact list, but B block A.
If A onlines, and a moment later (while A is still online) B onlines,
then we can know that A will not know that B onlines.
But, Are there any experts who can help A checking the actual online status of B??
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Sushil DiasConnect With a Mentor Mgr.Commented:
try this site  ........ it should answer ur question + more
Hate to say it, but this sounds like a pretty dubious request.

It would also be difficult - MSN is not a peer to peer chat client, it is server-based.  The server will not give client A the online status of B due to the block, and there is no way around this.
cempashaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

also this should help if sushil_dias's doesnt..
I'm glad to say that those utilities no longer work if you are running the latest version of MSN Messenger.  Of course, they may work on earlier versions and where people have not enabled privacy settings.
lasvegas77Author Commented:
Thank you.
I see that works for some accounts.
But does not work for any accounts which I've tried.
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