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CMP 2.0 Using primitive type for fields that have null values

My problem is I have a CMP 2.0 Bean and one of columns is of type int and I'm using int as the return type in getAccessAuthorizationId() instead of java.lang.Integer.  When I query a bean by Id and it gets to that column I get a java.lang.NullPointerException.

My question:  Is there an xdoclet tag that I can set to allow the query of a null value on a primitive and just let the container set the value to the primitives default.  I tried the following tag

     * Getter for CMP Field companyName
     * @ejb.persistent-field
     * @ejb.interface-method   view-type="both"
     * @jboss.column-name name="access_authorization_id"
     * @jboss.persistence not-null="true" ///THIS didn't work, and since by default its false and that doesn't work either I don't think this is working.
    public abstract int getAccessAuthorizationId();
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1 Solution
I don't think so, what value do you expect when its Null ? 0, -1, ...
You will need to change it to Integer.
public abstract Integer getAccessAuthorizationId();
phoenixsilverAuthor Commented:
I wanted a zero, or at least some way of specifying a default value, cause I don't want to have to check for a null for all option column names.  I know the current way makes sense regarding entities as a null column should be null.  But I think you know hwat I mean, I guess I'll check in my object factories where I take entities and turn them into business objects for nulls.  
>> But I think you know hwat I mean
Yes, I know what you mean but I think this is a dangarous aproach (to have zero in your business layer but null in DB, what will happen when they will set it back...)
If zero is a value that should indicate "empty" then don't set your DB colum to NOT NULL. (or at least don't tell that to the CMP layer [if you are read-only CMP]).

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