Excell Functions in an SQL query


Is it possible to use the Excell Yield function in an Access SQL statement?
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Jokra_the_BarbarianConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are working within Access queries and Access SQL (not SQL Server T-SQL), you could create a custom public function and call it within your query. Eg:

Public Function myFunc(val1 as double) as double
  dim x as integer, z as integer
  myFunc = ((x*z)/z)+val1
End Function

Your query:

Select fld1, fld2, myFunc(fld3) as newFld
From tbl1

Hope this gives you some ideas. If you are working with SQL Server T-SQL, you can create your custom functions in SQL Server just the same.
Yield? I'm not aware of that.
Short answer would be "no".

However, you can emulate teh function if you have it's formula...
DaFouAuthor Commented:
I have the formula.
Lets imgine the formula is something like this
How can I emulate it?

Be ware though It has to be working in aceess 97 aswell as in access 2003
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