Using java.util.Map with WebWork <ww:select> tags

I've recently started using Opensymphony WebWork, and I'm having some trouble getting it to do what I want.
I have an action, with a getCountries() method, which returns a Map, whose keys are strings and whose values are "NamedItem"s. NamedItem is a class which (suprise) has a getName() method.
I want WebWork to create me a select box with the Hash's keys as the <option value="..."> and the name property as the option body.

I'm using the tag

<ww:select label="'Country'" name="'CountryID'"  list="#countries" listValue="name" />

But this doesn't work, I just get an empty select box (no options)

L'il help here people?
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mishagaleAuthor Commented:
I've solved this problem through the webwork mailing list

Thanks anyway to all the people who tried to help :)
mishagaleAuthor Commented:
I've increased the points value on this question, because it's pretty urgent, and I still haven't got anywhere
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