Detecting Network Computers and listing installed software and hardware

I need to develope an application that detects network computers and lists installed software and hardware. I'd like to know if Delphi has an api similar to Visual Basic's WMI that does this very easily.

Thanks in advance.
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Yes. Import 'Microsoft WMI Scripting Library' to your project. Use 'Project-Import Type Library' from the menu.

Regards, Geo
rvaldiviaAuthor Commented:
Thanx a lot for the fast response. However, I'm having problems importing this libray. I go to
Project/Import Type Library, select 'Microsoft WMI Scripting V1.1 Library (Version 1.1)' from the list, press "Add" button and a open file windows pops up. Where is this file located and what is its name??

Thanx again.
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Most likely it is going to be located on the [ActiveX] Tab.
Check the last couple of components on the Tab, chances are you will find it there.
Press 'Create Unit' button there not 'Add' button.
ummmm, Just a small app then :)

WMI is definately the way to go, however, some salient points ....

1.] As standard, WMI support at OpSys level is only available for flavours of NT (not sure about ME, perhaps that too).

2.] You can download a self extracting add on WMI pack from Microsoft for Win9x.

3.] XP+sp2 completely shafts the "remote" capabilities of WMI. This means you have to get your app installed and running on target PCs.

Good luck,



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