Hide IP address !!!

how i can make hide my IP ?

i know about proxy when i using WEB ! i want to know about more way ...
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The site I mentioned earlier, http://www.anonymize.net/, lets you set up a VPN connection for a fee. This will encrypt ALL traffic - chat, irc, web, ftp, etc. When you are connected to someone via chat, and they run Netstat, they will only see the VPN server, not your IP address.

crowisgodAuthor Commented:
if you have tools for this or tutorial give me link !

Hi crowisgod,

The short answer is that you can never completely hide your IP address. If you use a proxy, then all of your transactions will show the proxy as the final IP in a trace, etc.  So if you use a proxy, your ISP would be able to tell you were connected to one site, but that's all. All of your information travelling through the secure vpn/ proxy would be hidden.

Basically you set up a VPN link with these services, and then any site you visit would show a visitor from anonymize.net but not *your* IP. This will work will ALL of your traffic (ftp, p2p, irc, anything) not just WEB traffic.

Here are some sites that can perform these services:

Hope this helps,
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well this can be accomplished alot of ways, all of the ways will require a spoofed hop.
to do this spoof, you will have to 'bounce' from another computer. when you do this you can send data and the bounced computer acts as a relay for you, this is how many people get away with attacks becuase you can bounce off as many computers as you want, tens, hundreds.....
I.E. microsoft recently admitted to being hacked and windows source code was stolen, they traced the connection back to russia, which was a bounced computer, who knows what country the origional attacker was in. i believe this hacker is still at large and M$ has a reward. lol

heres a very effecient way to bounce data, its an old advisory but it will still work on ALOT of FTP servers with anonymous accounts. i have tested this and even today am astounded at how easily this will still work.

as far as 'hiding' your IP by making modifications to your own computer, it cannot be done as your MAC address is even more relevent than your IP address. bouncing is the only true way to hide your MAC and IP. this is the same thing as using the proxy for web, only this works for everything you do on the internet.
for surfing,especially when you are blocked on a certain website u can use the http://www.anonymizer.com/ it has its own adress bar and you can go through the website that has blocked you by typing the url in the bar.
If you want to hide your ip from everything you do in the internet,including using telnet. i know a way to do this.
First go to http://www.proxy4free.com/page1.html
and copy any IP and port with high anonymity,forget about the ip's which are anonymous or transparent.
After doing so,go to your Internet Explorer>tools>internet options..>connections>LAN settings
then on proxy server click  the checkbox so that you can paste the IP & port  that you have copied from proxy4free.com.
click on OK and its done.
 Hope this info helps you.
crowisgodAuthor Commented:
I SAY ! i know about using PROXY on my INTERNET CONNECTION
i want to know more way
like NETSTATE -N and more ....
There ARE no more ways(well, maybe there are, but not really worthwhile). Proxy is known so well cause it gives the best results. If you connect, you sent your ip. There is simply no way your pc wont sent it. So the only thing you can do, is mking sure your ip doest reach the destination, but another PCs ip. and thats the proxy.
I don't know if the answer you are looking for exists.
You cannot exchange any data on the internet without revealing either your IP or your proxy IP. A packet sniffer would allow you to see but other computer's traffic on the network, but you cannot request any data from a web site, etc. without directing it to come back to your IP/Proxy.

crowisgod, could you please tell us why you would do that?
nader alkahtaniNetwork EngineerCommented:
The best solution is Steganos Internet Anonym Pro™ 7
The convenient package for anonymous surfing and the complete removal of traces.  

download it from this URL
Steganos Internet Anonym Pro 7 is the same thing as a proxy server. The "camoflauge" servers are simply proxys run by Steganos around the world. If you look at the screenshot, it says "active proxies".

As has been stated before, the only way to hide your IP is to use a proxy server.

you could use http://www.guardster.com to hide your ip address.Its is a proxy server.It has bith paid and free service.

all of the above links are for using web proxies to mask web surfing, not masking the origionating IP of all internet activity.

NETSTAT will only give you statistics of a network adapter, not modify.
the only way to spoof an IP address from the SOURCE is to use a sniffer to inject custom modded packets over the wire. keep in mind that you are still sending out your MAC adress and therefore still traceable.

the problem here is that to communicate, there has to be a source, that source cannot be masked, otherwise you wouldnt be getting anything at all. if you were to make a request to get data from a server, and you have a spoofed IP address, the data will never get back to you as its trying to send the data to a spoofed address that is not your computer... so its kinda like ordering a pizza and giving them the wrong address to deliver the pizza to. you would starve to death.

what you want to do is order the pizza to a address that has someone there, and then that person give the pizza to you. this is why i reccomend reading about the bounce attack method.
crowisgodAuthor Commented:
i know hide my IP from Browsering ... about set proxy on my INTERNET Connection and using tools for making hidden my IP

i want tools make hide my IP from everything ( like someone want scan my PC can't find my IP )
and someone type NETSTAT -N ( when i chat ) don't show my IP to his command !

thanks :)
> .. keep in mind that you are still sending out your MAC adress ..
i.g. no, the MAC ends at the router leaving IP subnet

> .. and therefore still traceable.
my MAC is set to whatever you want ;-) have fun with tracing it

> .. like someone want scan my PC can't find my IP
you PC cannot be scanned if it has no IP (assuming that there're no other connection in the same physical network as your PC, and also leaving WLAN beside).
So simply unplug your network, then your IP is unvisible.

> someone type NETSTAT -N ( when i chat ) don't show my IP to his command
that's what a proxy is for.
But if you say that "i know about proxy" (see your question), then you either *don't know* proxies, or you used the wrong ones.

> ..  http://www.anonymize.net/,
I doubt that any proxy located somewhere in uncle sam environment (and many other countries) can enshure your privacy ..

lol anonimize isnt what i would go with
maybe if i were worried about IRC attacks but id still go about it differently, oh well to each his own

oh and btw hoffman, unless you change your mac address each time you connect, youll leave a traceable pattern good enough to locate you.
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